MiniBee is a one woman show.  From making the products, packaging, labeling, selling on the internet and selling at the markets,  I am not quite sure where I find the time but somehow I do.

I do give thanks to an awesome husband who helps me with the setup at the markets and the friends, mother, and daughter who come and help me sell. :)

Life Inside the Hive

Hobby gone WILD!

Handmade in the USA

MiniBee Beauty

I started making my own beauty products to help with my Eczema on my hands. I went on the internet and found numerous recipes. That is when my hobby took off in my own kitchen. So many things I could make so many ingredients and scents I could choose from. I had to try them all. Of course one person could not use that much lotion and soap in a lifetime, so I thought I would share my creations with all of you. 

My 14 year old daughter, Samantha, decided that my name should be "MiniBee" and drew a fabulous logo. Mini for the Mini Cooper that I drive and Bee for the beeswax that was in my very first product. She is now away to college and everytime I look at my logo it makes me smile. :)

My hobby grew and when my son decided to moved out I took over his room. (Sorry Christopher) It is now the MiniBee Beehive (aka laboratory).  

I am also happy to report that my Eczema is gone and that is a big BONUS in my eyes.